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Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society

A Society for Georgia BMET's and others involved in healthcare technology

Dedicated to advancing the knowledge of personnel involved in the development, selection, operation, repair and support of biomedical instrumentation in healthcare institutions throughout the State of Georgia

GBIS Transitions into New Leadship

The GBIS Board of Directors is made up of 5 officers and 8 board members. The 5 officers on the board have served on the board in various positions for at least the past 19 years. These officers have whole-heartedly dedicated their loyalty and life to ensure the mission of GBIS continued as it was officially incorporated as a non-profit 501c organization in 1998.

Horace Hunter, Dr. Mike O’Rear, and Emmanuel King were some of the pioneers who help found GBIS by merging the Atlanta Biomedical Association, Central Georgia Society, Savannah Biomedical Society, and the South Georgia Biomedical Society. Christa Shiver and Dianne O’Rear joined the group during the time the organization was in the process of incorporating.

These officers have lead GBIS through numerous conferences, symposiums, workshops, web site developments, budget preparations, charity affiliations, internship programs, and much, much more. The day-to-day in’s and out’s of the society were dependent on these officers to keep things going.

The present Board of Directors and Officers of the board feel that it is time to give some others the opportunity to hold the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer-elect, and Secretary-elect under a mentorship plan. The present Officers will be appointed by the Board of Directors to become the first Board of Trustees with the fiduciary responsibility for the governance of the society, serving to oversee and shape its broad policies. The Board of Trustees will elect 5 new Board of Directors from a newly designed nomination form to enhance the selection process to elect the best applicants. The New Board of Directors will elect new Officers to implement the policies and procedures developed by the Board of Trustees.


Board of Trustees & Directors

Horace Hunter, Executive Director

Horace Hunter was the Assistant Director of Engineering at Archbold Medical Center (now retired). He has been in the biomedical/ clinical engineering field for more than 35 years. He was one of the pioneers in forming the South Georgia Biomedical Association and Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society which is now the only state association for Biomeds. He was also instrumental in developing the state curriculum for technical institutes for the state of Georgia. He was also an instructor for the Southwest Georgia Technical College Biomed program in Thomasville, GA.

Christa Shiver, BOARD OF TRUSTEE

Christa Shiver was a formal Clinical Engineering Coordinator at Archbold Medical Center. She has been in the Biomedical/ Clinical Engineering field for more than 12 years. She has served as secretary, treasurer for the society and chairperson of several committees. Christa is a graduate of TTI in Biomedical Technology/ Electronics. Christa is committed to making a change in how biomeds are respected and given opportunities for advancement in knowdlege.


Michael O'Rear, Board of trustee

Dr. Mike O'Rear is instructor for biomedical technology. Dr. O'Rear is one of the founders of GBIS and long time member of the Atlanta Biomedical Association. Dr. O'Rear has been in the bio-med field for over 30 years and serving our country in the military.

Dianne O'Rear, Board of trustee

Emmanuel King, Board of trustee

Michael Cameron, 2016-2017 President

Matt Farzaneh, 2016-2017 Vice President


Dave Wiedman, board member

Dave Wiedman brings over 30 years of executive management experience in the technology industry (scanning, tracking, RFID) with a strong background in strategic business development and a proven track record in driving revenue growth and customer retention. Healthcare clients include: Catholic Health, Jefferson Health and Kaiser Permanente.

Mr. Wiedman was President & Chief Operating Officer of Lexicon Technologies, VP of Business Development for ChannelMax and Connect Inc. and Co-founder of AccuScan Inc. AccuScan was acquired by Peak Technologies (NASDAQ: PEAK). Presently serves as Chief Commercial Officer at VIZZIA Technologies.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the University of Tampa. He served on the Board of Directors of the Service Industry Association (SIA). 


Georgia Biomedical 

Instrumentation Society

  A Society for Georgia BMET's and others involved in healthcare  technology

PO Box 655, Thomasville

GA 31799

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